Make your stay in Malaysia worthwhile!

As an expatriate in Malaysia it is important to learn basic phrases in the local language to feel closer to the community and have the opportunity to interact with those around you in a respectful way. Learning the local language can help you to broaden your knowledge, learn something new and understand the culture better.

Gratitude is of extreme importance to Malaysians. This is something that will quickly become apparent the moment you set foot at the airport.

Whether it is your “Grab” driver, the barrister or just someone who holds the door open for you, make sure to use this term of appreciation, “Terima kasih”  (te -ree – mah   ka – seh). When someone says ‘terima kasih’ be sure to respond with ‘sama  – sama’.

Malay language is the national language of Malaysia and is a widely spoken language in the public arena, particularly in suburban and rural areas. It is also the official language in dealing with government and statutory bodies and staff. It is highly useful for residents in Malaysia, both locals and foreigners, to be skilled in Malay to lead more fruitful living. Malay is also a key gateway to fully understand and appreciate the Malay culture, heritage and norms which would be a big advantage to those working and living in Malaysia.

Our Bahasa Melayu or Malay lessons teach you the most important Malay words and phrases. We will make your learning as easy as possible and give you a lot of resources to master the language. We aim to make sure that you will be able to talk and understand the Malay language with ease.

Malay is a unique language: You will be amazed that:

  • Words do not have genders
  • Verbs are not conjugated to change tenses
  • There are only three tenses: past, present and future. Nouns do not need to be in plural if there are indicators (like quantity).

Program for expatriates

  1. Pengenalan kepada Bahasa Melayu…introduction to the language.
  2. To understand/learn the kosa kata mudah
  3. To construct kosa kata
  4. Latihan menyebut dan bertutur
  5. Latihan mendengar
  6. Latihan membaca dan memaham
  7. Latihan menulis ayat mudah

Our lessons are packed with fun, interesting and exciting activities that can be easily mastered with confidence in speaking. You will not only learn the words but the culture as well.

We provide learners with a friendly learning space where you can improve your language abilities through the four core skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. This program helps learners to discover their voices to communicate effortlessly.

By the end of this course students will be able to understand the language better and,

  1. Able to communicate with confidence
  2. Able to interact with locals freely
  3. Able to understand the locals and their culture
  4. Open doors to unique experiences.
  5. You will win the hearts and minds of the locals.

Bahasa Melayu for Permanent Residence(PR)

Bahasa Melayu is a distinguished and classy language, befitting its stature as our national language.The language is infused with finesse and subtlety, making it one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

In Malaysia, the Malay language is also known as Bahasa Malaysia, which means ‘Malaysian language’ or ‘national language.’ 

Greetings and essentials

Terima Kasih (te – ree – mah    ka – seh)/Thank you

Thank your Grab driver, your waiter, and the man who’s flipping your roti canai. Malaysians are big on gratitude.

We provide a very strong foundation to master the language using the four core skills of listening, speaking reading and writing. This programme is mainly focused for those who are a little familiar with the language but unable to speak fluently.

Malaysians may speak English, but an attempt to speak local could earn you bonus points – and potentially better prices at the local market.

Program for PR

  • Pengenalan kepada Bahasa melayu…introduction to the language
  • To understand/learn the kosa kata mudah
  • To construct kosa kata
  • Latihan menyebut dan bertutur
  • Latihan mendengar
  • Latihan membaca dan memaham
  • Latihan menulis ayat mudah
  • Golongan kata
  • jenis jenis ayat
  • Penjodoh bilangan
  • Simpulan Bahasa

By the end of this course students will be:

  1. Able to communicate in short conversations.
  2. Able to understand straight forward information.
  3. Able to gather information.
  4. Understand basic sentences about relevant topics: family, shopping, directions etc.
  5. Able to mingle with the locals and also helps to boost your confidence

Lack of language skills is the biggest obstacle for PR.