Cambridge English – Pre-Schooler (4-6 years old)

We provide young children with a strong foundation to easily master English for beginners at an early age using the interactive Cambridge Learning materials.


This programme is for children who already know their ABCs and may not have started reading yet as well as children who are already a little familiar with English. Using Cambridge Learning’s interactive books, our lessons are packed with interesting and exciting activities including short stories, songs, videos and games that develop vocabulary, phonics, and motor skills.

The topics and activities have been chosen on the basis of children’s development from the familiar (self, home, school) to the outside world.

The outcome of this programme is that children will begin to properly read, write and speak simple words. They can easily master English for beginners while they enjoy the learning process.

Programme Levels

Below are the available levels for pre-schoolers:

Junior English 1 & 2


  • Junior English 1 (ages 4-5 years)
  • Junior English 2 (ages 5-6 years)

Children will begin to recognise letters, read, write and speak simple words.