Summer Camp 

MIEC English Summer Camp for middle and high school students is greatly encouraged for students who wish to experience a holiday of wonders and to study in Malaysia. Through this Summer Camp, the students will experience the wonders of Malaysia while they study English in Malaysia which is recognized internationally.

Our programs cover the various language skills required to master the English Language and our students will get to learn in interactive classrooms where edutainment is the key ingredient in making their experience at MIEC a memorable one. Study English while exploring the beauty of Malaysia would be an absolutely fantastic decision for any students to make.

We provide more excursions
• We have Excursion + English + Leadership
• Our staff will accompany and guide you every day, speaking in few languages (Russian, English, Mandarin, Arab, Korean, Bahasa Malaya)

Not sure how to spend your summer holidays? Well, why not join MIEC Summer Camp? Travel and learn English in very international, fun, interactive and simple way at the same time in Malaysia! Engage us to know how you could learn and play at the same time!



  • 100 Hours Learning Per Month

Students will be learning for 100 hours a month. Any additional learning platform prepare for students will be a bonus.

Accommodation (2-3 students in one room, daily cleaning service, swimming pool, gym and facilities, 24-hours security service)

  • Meals (2-3 meals a day)
  • Weekend’s Tours and Adventure (More than 15 outings and excursion prepare for summer programme students)
  •  Airport Transfer
  • Certificate of Programme completion from Eduleap Language Centre and HRDF
  • Other provisions